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Tesco Free From Vegetable Lasagne

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Another ready meal today! This time it is a vegetable lasagne by Tesco. I have loved the Amy's kitchen lasagne for years, so when I saw Tesco had created their own version I decided to give it a go.

This lasagne retails for £2.50 and contains 350g. The pack also claims that there is 2 of your 5 a day in this product and the meal totals to 445 calories. This meal is free from gluten, there are no egg containing ingredients, although it doesn't claim to be egg free. Milk is present in this dish so it is not suitable for any dairy sufferers.

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I added a side salad to this dish as I tend to with all ready meals. I found that this meal was very filling and kept me fully satisfied. 

This lasagne is packed with chunky veggies and all ingredients are relatively clean. I can read and understand them all and is fundamentally a lot of veg with some cheese and pasta. There seems to be no preservatives labeled, which I tend to expect with frozen food as freezing is surely enough to preserve!

I followed the cooking instructions for cooking in the oven, although next time I may try it in the microwave as the cheesy top went a little film-like and I could feel it in my mouth when eating it, which I think was created by the drying out of top. The pasta sheet cooked well and was quite soft. This complimented the vegetables as they are a little more stiff in texture. I found that it was very tomatoey in flavour, the other flavour that stood out to me was pepper and onion, but in a complimentary manner, no aspect overpowered the other. 

It was much saucier than the Amy's kitchen lasagne which is much more dry in consistency, this is much more representative of a meat lasagne in texture, although it is vegetarian. I cannot place which one I prefer as although they both claim they are lasagne, they are both completely different products. Amy's is much more spinach based and has a crispy cheesy top, whereas Tesco have tried to match a typical lasagne. I guess it just depends what you're in the mood for! 

Overall I enjoyed this dish. I will buy it again to try cooking in the microwave, although if the film texture is still present I am not sure I will purchase it again as I am very fussy with textures and although it isn't a huge issue to some, it's not for me! If I can overcome this I will certainly have it on had as I do love vegetable pasta dishes. 

Hannah x 

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