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Sainsbury's Free From - Pancakes

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For someone who isn't much of a breakfast person, I have certainly been embracing the most daunting meal of the day. Somedays I really do not know what I want to eat and I have a freezer full of miscellaneous bread based products to cater to whatever takes my fancy!

Pancakes were one thing that I got into after pancake day so I picked up some of the Sainbury's pancakes to make quick breakfasts on a weekday. These retail at £2 for a pack of six, which is only 34p per pancake and after buy the ingredients I would not be able to make american style pancakes which taste this good for that price. I found that I ate two as a serving to give a filling breakfast and at 86 calories each, this is a good light breakfast to start the day.

These pancakes are wheat, gluten and dairy free. Many of the Sainsbury's free from products are free from both dairy and gluten. This makes catering to many allergies much easier, particularly at parties, but beware this product does contain egg so isn't safe for our egg allergy sufferers!

Per 100g Per Pancake (86g) %RI Per Roll
Energy K/Kcal 1105/261 365.86 4%
Fat 3.4g 1.1g 2%
Of which Saturates 0.4g 0.1g 1%
Carbohydrate 51.4g 17g 7%
Of which Sugars 19.4g 6.4g 7%
Protein 5.9g 2.0g 4%
Fibre 0.6g <0.5g -
Salt 1.26g 0.42g 7%
*Reference intake of an average (8400 KJ/ 2000 Kcal) –
(information taken from

The pancakes are very aerated and have a fine texture, very much like a wispa bar in terms of air pocket size. They are incredibly soft and taste fantastic with some extra golden syrup or nutella, although you cannot beat just a little bit of butter!

Although these are flavoured with syrup I can taste a hint of vanilla which I am putting down to the sweetness of the syrup as there is no vanilla in the ingredients. I grilled these for about a minute on each side which warmed them up and allowed the butter to melt, but didn't catch the edges or start to burn them. 

I also think these would be great with some whipped cream and fruit as they quite sweet!

Overall I loved these pancakes and think they are a great staple for the cupboard! Where they are sweet they feel much more of a treat but are comparable to the calories in a slice of toast, granted not as nutritious as a seedy loaf but not a calorie blow out!

Hannah x 

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