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Snackly Open Box - March 2015

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My snackly box dropped through the letter box today! I look forward to this all month particularly as I get paid on the 20th so it is very much like a pre payday treat for me!

I know I say it every month but this box has surpassed last month and there is not one thing in the box I don't think I am going to love. I must say it's cookies galore this month!

So as you're all dying to know, what is in my box?

This month I received:

Nim's - Pineapple and Mango Fruit Crisps -RRP £1.35
From many previous posts you see dried fruits are something I tend to buy quite a bit of. I am a snacker so more nutritious snacks are always on hand. These crisps are air dried and not fried, they are also only 74 calories for a whole bag and one of your five a day. Nim's are certified by the vegan society and are also partners with change 4 life. A pack retails for £1.35 which I think is on the more expensive side of dried fruit so I am hoping these are fantastic!

Easy Bean - Chickpea Crispbread - Seeds and Black Pepper - RRP £3.29 per full box 
Claiming to be naturally gluten and wheat free, these crispbreads are handmade with chickpea flour and buttermilk. They are also high in fibre and suitable for vegetarians. These two crispbreads contain around 135 calories, with a whole packet retailing at around £3.29 at H&B but prices can be found as low as £2.99 online, however there will be delivery costs.

The branding of this product is very interesting as the packaging is made from sustainable sources and is recyclable and to me feels the quintessential healthy living/ economically responsible branding. This really appeals to me as I am big on recycling, up cycling and healthy eating so I could be seen as a bit of a traditionalist with make do and mend attitude, or as my younger sister says 'you're such a granny' hey ho... you can't please everyone!

Ananda's Gelatine Free Marshmallow Grab Bag - Toasted Coconut - RRP £1.99
This grab bag is not just fantastic for me but also my veggie sister as they are vegan society approved. I will definitely get her to try some as I think a selection of these would be great in an easter basket or any gift hamper in general! It is a very squishy texture so I am hoping they will be lovely and fluffy and with desiccated coconut over the top, which I love on things like fruit salads and porridge. I think these will become quite addictive but again I think for the price they are much more of a luxury treat item!

Melting Pot - Handmade chocolate Fudge - RRP £1.90
This product is going to be well hidden from both my boyfriend and my brother otherwise I won't get a look in! This handmade chocolate fudge won a great taste gold award in 2010 so I am expecting this to be amazing! The ingredients are very basic and easy to read with no preservatives which we all know is a thing for me as I like to know what I am putting into my body. I think this will be a great treat on saturday night as it will be the last day of working 13 days solid, so I think I deserve some sweet treats, popcorn and a film after a long day, and this fudge will fit in perfectly!

Kent & Fraser - Spicy Ginger Cookies - RRP £0.60
This is the first thing I have received from Snackly that I have actually seen before, however I have never tried this flavour. A local coffee shop charges me a whopping £1.20 for these but can be brought in bulk online which averages the cost to 60p each! I have always loved the ginger biscuits I find in my local farm shop which are dipped in dark chocolate so I am hoping that these live up to them! This pack contains 166 calories so is a fantastic snack pack and can be used as a quick throw in my handbag and run!

Honeyrose Organic Handbaking - Mini Triple Chocolate Cookie Gluten Free - RRP 52p each
We received two of these cookies in this months box, and I'm not going to lie, I have already eaten one! These individually wrapped cookies are something I love because I do get paranoid about food going off before I finish it! There was huge chunks of chocolate in the one I tried which bonded the soft crumbly cookie, the flavour is fantastic and I would really recommend them! What also has impressed me with this brand is that they have biodegradable packaging and 5% of profits go to charity.

Once again Snackly have left me very happy indeed and well worth the money! I am hoping to do some mini reviews of these products in the coming days so stay tuned!

Hannah x

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