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Tesco Finest Free From White Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies

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Tesco finest range seems to be expanding into the free from section fast! I brought these months ago and the review has been sitting in my notebook ever since, slightly neglected!

On the box these cookies are described as 'Wonderfully rich and crunchy with bursts of sweet cranberry.' This is not too far to how they actually taste. The white chocolate chunks too were very distinctive in the cookie. This cookie overall was very flavoursome, and very surpizing for a free from product, as it surpassed my every expectation.

Much like the oat cookies and the double chocolate Tesco finest free from cookies that I had tried before, these have a fantastic texture. Being much more chunky oaty than other free from cookies which seem to be finely milled flours and ingredients makes these stand out form the more biscuits style cookies. There are full sized dried cranberries and large white chocolate chunks combined in the mixture to add a bit more interest. 

I found that the flavour of these cookies is very full and that there is a perfect amount of each element. The larger white chocolate chunks gave a good creamy chocolatey hit. Sweet cranberries added a freshness to the cookies to not make it too rich but also complimented the white chocolate perfectly. 

The texture is very interesting as there are many elements to make a whole and the juxtaposition of the creamy white chocolate, more chunky, crunchy oats and soft chewy cranberries, make this truly mouth watering just thinking about it!

These cookies are free from wheat and gluten but do contain oats, soya and milk. They do not claim to be egg free, but there is not any egg ingredients and only allergy warnings is that it may contain nuts. Retailing at £2 for a pack of 8 I find that these are good value at 25p per cookie. At 95 calories and 4.6g fat per cookies, which are smaller than typical cookies, these are most certainly much more of a treat snack!

The only draw back to this product is when this range was first released, that packaging was vastly different to the regular Tesco finest. Since then they all have been rebranded. Living with gluten eaters who buy the mainstream versions of the finest cookies and cakes you have to look so carefully, which I find very risky. I appreciate the effort to make the free from food look 'normal' but it could be quite easy for a family member to feed me something with gluten in by mistake. 

I really enjoy this product and for a lower price point compared to a lot of gluten free confectionary, I find that this is an easy and affordable option. 

Hannah x 

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