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Walkers - Gluten Free Shortbread

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Christmas has never been the same since the Walkers shortbread tin has been on my banned list. Whilst the fire is burning, the Christmas music is playing and all the dec's are going up, the shortbread tin always comes out. I have tried other shortbreads, the texture is ok but never quite like the real thing. Until now!

Whilst entering the height of summer I have now become very festive and cannot wait for Christmas! Receiving this in my Snackly box in a twin pack means they are perfect for travel. When opening the shortbread I found that unfortunately mine had cracked down the middle. This could have been down to traveling a lot though.

Certified gluten free and approved by the vegetarian society, these biscuits only contain milk as an allergen. Once opened these shortbreads are pale yellow in colour and on the slightly more crumbly side. The butteriness of these shortbreads is perfect! Rich and crisp these are the quality I would expect from Walkers in their regular range. Sometimes I feel the mainstream brands seem to get free from products texture better than some of the bigger Free From manufactures.

In my Snackly box these came wrapped in twin packs. This is something that I enjoy and I hope that I can find all their free from range packed like this, as Walkers also produce a chocolate chip version (which I know I will love) as well as a lemon and ginger flavour. As I keep all my biscuits is a rather cute jar, but being just me eating them, I like when they are sealed individually or in twin packs as I can throw them all in the jar and have a good rummage for what I fancy. Much like you did when you were a child!

A quick review today as I honestly think they are so similar to it's mainstream sister! Overall I really enjoyed these shortbreads and I am not to sure what else I can say about them, what with them tasting so close to the real thing! I have had a lot of luck with this lately! I feel that the quality of free from food is improving more and more each month!

Hannah x

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