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M&S Free From Pork Pies

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We are well into picnic season and what's a picnic without a pork pie? For the last couple of years I have watched enviously as everyone tucks into their pork pie. Not anymore! Readily available gluten free pork pies are now here! My staple supermarket M&S brightened everyones day when all us free fromers spotted these and swarmed twitter with them.

The pack contains 4 mini pork pies so are perfect for picnics, days out, office lunches or just as a snack. I tend to eat mine with a side salad for lunch as they are on the more calorific side, reaching 187 calories per pie! And you can never just eat one! The pork in these pies is British, M&S seem to use locally source meats as much as possible. Which is great as unnecessary air miles for a product available in the UK does frustrate me slightly!

Selected cuts of pork are used in these pies, from what I recall of a mainstream pork pie, the filling is identical. The meat has been processed into the pie shape and lined with jelly, not as much jelly as typical pork pies I've tried in the past before having to go gluten free, but sometimes there is such a thing as too much jelly!

The pork is encased in a very dense crisp pastry, which is also scarily similar to the real thing. That much harder, compact style of pastry seems to be something that translates into gluten free very well. With no powdery texture or aftertaste, this pork pie is directly comparable to any mainstream pork pie and may actually be nicer than ones I recall as it was not too greasy. An egg wash style coating glazed these pork pies which made them that little bit more crisp in my opinion

I believe I spent around £2.50 for this product, so I find that these are good value, as the price is not too dissimilar to the other pork pies on offer in M&S.

Just have to pack a picnic now!

Hannah x

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