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Gookies - White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookie Dough

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I fell across Gookies at the Allergy and Free From Show a couple of weeks back. I love anything a bit different and these were certainly something I have not seen before.

This product in fact is ready for the oven, all you do is cut and put on a baking tray, as simple as that! Or you would have thought... Only three of my eight cookies survived as James dropped a whole tray of five when removing them from the oven! After laughing for around 20 minutes at the comical way all five cookies shattered to a billion pieces as they hit the floor, much like the way Professor Quirrell meets his demise in the first Harry Potter film, we finally got around to taking photos of the remaining cookies!

Once you unwrap the paper, the dough itself is then in cling film. This product is to be kept refrigerated, although mine was in a bag on one of the hottest days of the year for a good four hours before I got home and was perfectly fine. So don't worry that you feel you cannot pick one up as you cannot get to a fridge quick enough! Also suitable for freezing, if you lived alone or are the only free fromer in your house, like myself, you could pre-cut, freeze and bake one as and when feel like you need a warm Millie's Cookie, gluten free style!

I used a chefs knife to cut this as the white chocolate chunks were a little stiff to get through but with the right knife it glides through perfectly .These cookies baked within 20 minutes nice and evenly at gas mark 3 or 170 degrees. The aroma whilst baking this product is extremely mouth watering. Once baked the cookie is slightly crumbly but is incredibly similar to what you could find in any mainstream bakery. White chocolate chips and cranberries saturated the mix well.

The flavour is quite sweet as you would expect with both cranberries and white chocolate, but are the quintessential summer cookie to have with a frappe or iced coffee. The large chocolate chunks are what really made these stand out. I love a good amount of chocolate in a cookie and chocolate chips don't always cut it when you want to come across a big hit of flavour!

Handmade in Cork, Ireland, this dough contains 454 calories per 100g, this meant that each of my cookies were around 170 calories each as each pack contains 300g. The great thing about these cookie doughs are that you can make any size you like, making calorie controlled portions, or smaller cookies for children incredibly easy.

This product does contain egg, milk and soya, also it may contain nuts, so is only really suitable for just those of us who are gluten free. Holding a well deserved 2011 great taste gold and a 2011 National Irish food award, I found that freshly baked cookies are quick, simple and tasty. I do feel that  because they focus on one allergy, the taste and texture is not too compromised, although this could been seen as a negative to those with multiple allergies.

Overall, of the cookies I ate I felt that they were delicious. I love how easy they are to bake and how fresh this makes them taste. Being able to freeze them means you can buy many flavours and have them on tap! What more could you want!

Hannah x

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