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Fajita Night - B Free Chia seed and Quinoa Wraps

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A couple of weeks back I was given some of the new products from B Free to try. On the top of the list of what excited me the most were the Chia and Quinoa wraps, and I knew the best way I could think of eating them! As my beloved fajitas! James and I have fajitas as one of our staple meals, we both quite enjoy any meal which is snack like or buffet in style. Fajitas are perfect for us as they are relatively healthy and clean meals with lots of salad.

We picked up the rest of the ingredients from M&S, as this has quickly turned into our favourite food shop since one opened nearby. We chose to do chicken as this is our favourite as steak can sometimes get a bit chewy as you cut it so small. After preparing all the food, we finally sat down to eat.

These wraps were not quite what I was expecting, but then again, never having quinoa and chia seeds together and certainly not incorporated in a free from bread product has meant that these are the most unique product I have seen to date. A far cry from the days where all you could get was a white or brown loaf! I found that these best resembled a seedy bread, I love seeded bread so when I took the first bite I knew that I will have to buy some more. If you enjoy products such as the Tesco or Genius seeded loaf or the Warburtons seeded wraps, this is most certainly a product for you. The flavour is certainly there but at the same time have not overpowered any foods I have put them with. A few second in the microwave and they are perfectly warm.

Not only have I had these as fajitas but I have spent the last week having them for lunch, I typically have a salad at lunch and whatever cold meat or fish in M&S that looks good. Instead I have still been doing this but stuffing as much as I can into one wrap and I have to say it's my new favourite lunch, I go through phases with food and I can eat the same thing every day for a couple of months before I get sick of it!

The thinner wrap is something I have enjoyed from B Free before, as sometimes as much as I love the Warburtons wraps I find that there can be a bit too much bread for some recipes and meals. These much thinner wraps give a different texture to a meal but I find are just as filling, particularly these seeded ones.

At around 100 calories per wrap, this is astonishing as seeded products tend to be more calorific due to seeds having a surprisingly high calorie content themselves. Due to having so many seeds including flax and Teff means that these wraps are a good source of fibre and protein, something that is so important for those who live a gluten free diet ensure we get enough of. Being gluten, egg, dairy and soy free means that these wraps are free from the main allergens and are suitable for vegans too! A perfect product to have in the freezer to cater to any dietary needs!

I know on the website these retail at €6.50, which is about £4.51 for 6 wraps, this does seem on the higher price point but these contain more wraps than any other brand I have found, they are also amazing quality. To try and make these yourself to this quality would be very tricky and no doubt more expensive!

As a whole I really really loved this product and I will be looking out to see if they will become available in any of my local shops soon, and if you managed to get hold of some coupons at the free from show, like myself, you may be able to grab a bargain!

Hannah x

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