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Allergy and Free From Show - 2015 Haul

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Friday was finally here, my favourite day of the year! The Allergy and Free from show was back at the Olympia, London. I found that the show was bigger than last year but at the same time it felt there was a lot more smaller traders which gave us plenty of new things to look at.

I met a lot of lovely people and traders, it was fantastic to talk to people who also have the same diet as I, because I don't know many gluten free people in my life, particularly those who I talk to often.

And whats a show without a bit of shopping? Here's what I got!*

I love every Angelic product I have tried so far, even if the chilli ones were a little hot!  When we found their stand right by the front door I went there instantly to see the newer products I have been waiting to view and try. The boxes were on offer for 2 for £5. I picked up the chocolate chip and the cranberry and sunflower seed oat cookies, as when I tried them I knew I couldn't leave without some. These are packed in 5 packs of two. Making them perfectly portable for work and days out but also allows them to stay fresher for longer. I also got a box of each of the new savoury crackers which I had yet to see. The new flavours are multi-seed, and tomato and Mediterranean herb, so I got one of each.

I forgot to get this out of the fridge, so it is not pictured! This pre-made cookie dough is the white chocolate and cranberry flavour. All you do is cut the dough into eight rounds and bake. Simple, fresh cookies effortlessly. These are £4 per pack.

B Free
I always look for B Free at the free from shows as I love their fajita kit. Typically the kit retails for £5.50 but is always £3 at the shows, making it a fantastic deal. While at the stand I also got both the regular and multi-seed bagels and also white and brown loaves of bread. B Free had launched some new products too so I also got the new stone baked pittas, which were amazing when sampled, as well as a pack of the quinoa and chia seed wraps.

The majority of the items I brought from Plamil are for a friend whom cannot eat dairy. Although I did pick up another orange and cranberry for myself which was featured in a Snackly box a few months ago as I really enjoyed it. I also brought the mint chocolate produced by Plamil. Minty chocolate is my favourite flavour, with no added sugar I thought it would be interesting to try.

I have not seen this company before but on the packaging they state that you can find them in Harrods and Selfridges. I thought that the flavours are so unique so I decided to pick up three packs as they were three for £10. Matcha green tea and macadamia nut, white chocolate and rose, and lemon, white chocolate and cashew were the flavours I chose.

Isabels packet mixes are something else I have never tried. I enjoy baking and cooking but with gluten free foods it's always a bit trickier to get these recipes right. So when I do not have time to experiment I enjoy mixes. The mixes were 2 for £3, I brought a second Yorkshire pudding mix for a friend. With the batter mix I want to make some prawn tempura. I can't wait to try the dough balls either!

Natures Store
Everything from Natures store was on offer for £1 at the show, to go with my Fajitas I chose the tomato as well as the chilli corn rolls. I will be taking these away on my holiday.

There wasn't as many samples being handed out as last year, from what I recall. But I did receive a mix of porridge samples and a couple of natures path granola bars.

Find my video on what I got here!

Hannah x

*Note: Some of these items were given to me to try, all opinions are my own.

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