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Waitrose Two Dine for £10 Meal Deal

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Waitrose's two dine for £10 is back and if you read the back of the packs many things are gluten free too! James and I were really stumped on what to have for dinner so when we saw the deal was on we thought why not!

So what do you get in the meal deal? Firstly you get a main and a side, then you get a choice either between a dessert or starter, today we chose a starter. Then you get a choice of wine, sparkling drinks or chocolates, all of which are worth about £6. Although not gluten free we picked up some chocolates James could enjoy as none of the drinks were something we would choose, the shelves were pretty bare!

We chose to have a baked camembert to start, I cut up chunks of Udis tiger loaf to have to dip into it (see my review here). Self contained in its own ramekin, this camembert is very easy as all you do is pop it in the oven for half an hour!

This was followed by duck with an orange sauce and some diced herbed potatoes, we bought some extra veg to have with the dish as although it is still fantastic value, unless you are buying something like a pie where all you would need is veg, the choice of side is either potato or veg, and there is no tray with a mix, which I think would be a great idea! The duck needs the skin crisped in a pan for a few minutes until golden brown and then popped back into the tray and in the oven for twenty minutes. The potatoes do take an hour so we put these in the same time as the cheese. The duck turned out so well, with a crispy skin and lovely moist meat. I didn't add the sauce but there was a seasoning rub on the duck which added something extra! The herbs on the potatoes were also well balanced and not overpowering and overall was a very enjoyable dish

We had our Tesco Profiteroles for dessert (see review here).

Overall we saved a huge £7.70 by buying this as a deal and is comparable in price to a fast food meal for two but is a lot higher quality and quantity of food is outrageous, the value is outstanding.

I would love to know if you have tried the two dine for £10 at waitrose. I have had a M&S one in the past but Waitrose has really impressed us so I think we will try it again!

Hannah x

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