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Tesco Free From Profiteroles

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As summer is coming around (hopefully!) it's time to put down the custard and find some more summery desserts! Tesco released some gluten free profiteroles and as these are one of James' favourite desserts, I thought we must give them a go!

Retailing at £1.50 and containing 15 profiteroles, this too is also very good value for money, very much like all the new Tesco free from range. It also comes with two sauce packets so is perfect to split over a few days. Stating that a portion is 4 profiteroles with sauce (not saying how much) is around 250 calories, these are something that will also be a rare treat in our house, particularly as we managed to eat a whole box in one evening!

From the frozen section, all you need to do is leave these out on a plate to defrost for 1 hour or so and squeeze the sauce on top, another simple out the box product from Tesco. The pastry looks a little papery on first impression, with a little circular hole on the top where the cream had been piped in. Although once bitten into they taste gorgeously creamy with just the right texture to the pastry to make it very difficult to distinguish between mainstream and regular versions. If there is a slight difference I would say that this pastry was a little thinner than regular gluten ones I have seen and remember eating. I feel that this is a positive as it makes the much more fresh and less stodgy.

Deeply filled, I was impressed with the amount of cream and how rich it was within the pastry. I have seen ones that have almost no filling or seem quite watery, but these are thick, smooth and very fresh tasting. It really was a pleasant surprise and they are quite morish. The chocolate sauce provided it perfectly runny and allows you to get a good drizzle of it all around the profiteroles. It honestly tastes just like Belgium chocolate, freshly melted and oozing through a chocolate fountain!

Unfortunately, for them to be able to achieve the perfect profiteroles they do have to contain dairy, so these are just for the gluten free market. As disappointing as it may be to those with dairy allergies, these profiteroles would not get the same taste or texture lacking dairy. I feel it would seem to restrict too many elements.

I have been super impressed with Tesco lately and for own brand products, they are by far the best in the free from market. Have you tried anything at Tesco that I need to try?

Hannah x

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