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Pizza Express - Gluten Free Menu

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Saturday after a 12 year wait, I finally got to see Busted at the O2! For someone who still owns every bit of memorabilia Busted possibly released in the 2000's, this was a very exciting prospect! Just to add more excitement (yes, I do realise how crazy I sound) I decided we would go to Pizza Express to try the gluten free dough balls, which I had yet to try!

As the dough balls were the main reason for the trip, I obviously chose these as a starter. Five were served on a plate with some garlic butter to dip them into. The dough balls were a good size and were piping hot with a crispy crust and soft and fluffy middle. They absorbed the garlic butter well and there was plenty of the butter to have a good helping on each. I am craving these just thinking about them! I would 100% recommend them, they are much softer and texturally superior to the Tesco equivalent. I have yet to make my Isabel mix but when I do, I will certainly compare!

I then went for a classic margarita, the base was thin and crisp just the way I enjoy pizza, although it may have been a little over done and had gone a little chewy, but what do you expect for an event day at the O2. I was disappointed with how little cheese was on my pizza though because the rest of the party, who had ordered toppings had more cheese than my pizza and with my pizza the cheese is the only true flavouring. This lead the base to be quite bare in places and it was certainly a base that needed to have the cheese flavour on it or it tasted little odd, so I ended up leaving the edges and the non cheesy bits, which as you can see it quite a bit of the pizza. Nevertheless the parts of the pizza that were fully loaded were enjoyable and had a lovely flavour and texture.

Unfortunately I think there was some cross contamination in the pizza as I was unwell almost instantly after eating the pizza, as I know how instantly my body reacts to gluten, I know that this wasn't caused by the dough balls (which is good) as I had eaten those a while before the pizza had even arrived. When leaving James noticed that there was a bowl of tomato sauce to cover the pizzas and they were using the ladle to not only spoon it but to spread it on the pizza too, so we wonder if they used the same sauce for my pizza causing me to be unwell, which wasn't ideal right before the concert, it's just was well I always travel prepared!

I would love to be able to enjoy the dough balls again as they were fantastic but I am very apprehensive to go back to pizza express based on this experience. I have heard from a friend who works in a different branch that they are super careful in there store, and I am thinking maybe due to being an event day a mistake was made, and lets face it, we all make mistakes. I would love to know if you have had a good experience in Pizza Express and if I should give them another go, maybe the branch my friend works in or on a quieter location and day may be a good idea!

Hannah x

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  1. I still havnt tried the dough balls yet but they sound amazing!

  2. They are honestly so good! Well worth a try!