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Tesco Free From Garlic Baguette

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It's been 3 years since I last had a shop bought garlic bread and it must have been the hardest thing to give up when having to move onto a gluten free diet. I have tired over and over again to make the perfect garlic bread that I remember with butter and garlic and a variety of free from breads, but I have never quite achieved it and nothing has compared! When I finally found this stocked in Tesco I ran to the till with high hopes!

Retailing at £1.50, this slightly smaller than a mainstream garlic baguette isn't too bad value for the free from market, I actually found it quite reasonable. More than suitable for four people as a side if you have a couple pieces each, or for two people as the main carb of a meal. All you do is pop this baguette in the oven from frozen for 15 minutes and its done! As simple as that, no need to make the bread or add the butter, just like your typical mainstream version. Nothing frustrates me more than when you buy what you believe to be a fully assembled product, but you end up having to add extras.

This exceptional baguette is so close to the real thing it is scary! James and I had it for dinner and he said he would happily eat it as opposed to a regular one, as there is less waste and we can both enjoy it! With and crispy crunchy crust, this golden brown bread bakes to perfection. Fluffy inside, this bread is texturally very pleasing with the mix of crisp coating with the soft middle and the butteriness from the flavouring. With lashings of butter and garlic,  this is definitely not for the faint hearted... Or for a first date! I always purchased the extra garlic variety in my gluten eating days, and I think this is more garlicy than that, which is amazing. The butter itself oozes from the pieces when squeezed to break apart and are truly scrumptious. The aspect that shocked me the most is that their is no milk or eggs in this product, the butter seems so creamy and as it if was genuine butter, Tesco have really upped their game recently!

We had a bit of a carb feast with ours and had Pizza hut gluten free pizza and I cooked some chips and of course I added some Chippa ketchup. Half of this baguette is 275 calories so I feel that this is a perfect side to either a meal you would like to keep low calorie, such as a salad, or you can have a treat night with a pasta or pizza, just like we did! Either way I don't feel that this is a super unhealthy option as you can really adapt it to the meal you would like to create and there is also a lot of butter and flavour in this product. Typically I would pair this with a fresh salad and some grilled chicken, but who can resist a treat cheat meal!

Hannah x

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