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What I Ate Today - Coeliac Awareness Week

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As it is Coeliac Awareness Week I thought that I would show you what I ate today. To be completely honest, this is not a normal day! I have some naughty treats as I just thought why not? Believe it or not, I don't eat all that much 'bad' food and most of the treats I do eat are posted here!

Today I ate a Genius pain au chocolat with some orange juice. I tend to oven bake these to warm them through, but on weekdays 40 seconds in the microwave does just fine!

Lunch is one of my favourite meals. Mainly because I love to snack and snacky style lunches are more than acceptable! So I have some Schar crisp breads with pesto humous, cucumber and grapes.

I had some pineapple for a snack, but I was also bought a M&S gluten free Victoria sponge, so it would have been rude to not join in!

Pizza hut was our port of call for dinner tonight. With this margarita I had some chips, Tesco garlic baguette (see my review here) and Chippa's ketchup. I know most ketchups are gluten free but I love this ketchup as it isn't as thick as other brands.

What did you eat today?

Hannah x

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