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Mrs Crimbles Chocolate and Stem Ginger Macaroons*

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Coconut is the quintessential summer flavour, don't you agree? So when I received these Mrs Crimbles Macaroons in a birthday hamper they sent me, I knew I wanted to hold onto them as long as the best before date would allow so they could get me into the summery mood!

I have been a lover of the Mrs Crimbles Macaroons for years, and in fact they were the first cake I purchased when transitioning to my gluten free diet. I then moved onto the chocolate coated ones, as what's better than throwing chocolate into the coconut mix! Then when I found these in my box,
I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Ginger is a flavour I particularly love in sweet food, as you may be able to tell from the amount of ginger based biscuits I have reviewed over the years.  

Texturally these macaroons are very soft with a crisper shell, but as you would expect from coconut they are rather corse where they are essentially desiccated coconut formed with sugar. The stem ginger seems to be candied too and adds a nice chew and spice to what typically is a very sweet flavour and soft texture. Being dipped in dark chocolate adds a slight bitterness to the treat, evening out all the flavours beautifully, creating something truly wonderful!

Retailing very reasonably at Waitrose for £1.35, these are most definitely at the most affordable end of the free from market. Making each macaroon 23p. Containing egg and soya, these macaroons are only suitable for those on a gluten free diet, there is no milk in the ingredient list that I can see, but if dairy is something you have issues with, I would suggest using your own judgement. 

Each macaroon contains 174 calories and the first two ingredients are sugar and coconut, being quite high in sugar at 16g and with 11g of fat per macaroon, they are a sweet treat you don't want to enjoy too often.. as hard as it may be! 

I find that these are a great treat to pop on a cake stand with finger sandwiches and some cupcakes and biscuits as a gluten free style afternoon tea. If you see these when doing your weekly shop I would recommend giving them a go as they can be loved by gluten and gluten free eaters alike!

Hannah x

*These products were sent to me to try, all opinions are my own

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