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Mrs Crimbles Chilli Cheese Crackers*

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Things are heating up around here today! (ok.. Maybe I'm not the best at puns!) When I saw these crackers in the hamper that Mrs Crimbles sent to me I was slightly apprehensive as I do not handle too much heat very well! But being the trooper I am I ate the whole box!

Retailing at around £2 depending on where you shop, these crackers are also another fantastic value for money product from Mrs Crimbles as the box is stuffed full! They can also be found at most retailers which makes them widely accessible to everyone. Which is also something that I love as there is nothing worse than recommending products that are very hard to find.

I tend to eat a portion (4 crackers) with cream cheese and ham and some cucumber, a bit like a DIY lunchable. Being only 84 calories per portion these are great to throw into many meals to add flavour and texture without being laden in calories, they are fab with soup and salads or even just with cheese for dessert!

There is more of a warmth to these crackers rather than a full on spicy heat, which I really love. They pair well with brie and other softer cheeses as they help highlight the creaminess, but honestly they have tasted great with so many things as they are a perfect plain cracker but with a twist!

I have also found that where these are not too overpowering, all members of the family should enjoy these, young to old I think the favour would be for everyone!

Let me know if you have tried these crackers with something that was amazing, I am always looking for new meal inspiration!

Hannah x

*These products were sent to me to try, all opinions are my own

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