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Delicious Alchemy Haul*

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We have a new product from Delicious Alchemy to try! My love for Delicious Alchemy is something I don't think could ever be broken. Although they do not have loads of product lines like other gluten free brands, Delicious Alchemy products I feel are always developed to the point of perfection before anything new is released. Because of this, DA's products are always exceptional and everything I have tried has been fantastic, remember how well my vanilla sponge was received by gluten eaters!

So when Delicious Alchemy reached out to me with a new product release, I was most certainly not going to turn down an opportunity to try this great product, as Delicious Alchemy is hard to find in my local stores and only stock a couple of their products.

So here's what I received:

Wonderfully Nutty Granola 
Let's start with Delicious Alchemy's new product. This rather chunky nutty granola contains almonds, hazelnuts and raisins. How truly scrumptious does that sound!?!?! A 50g portion contains 230 calories, 9.9g fat (I assume from the nuts) 29.3g of carbs and 3.1g of fibre. This sounds nutritionally quite a well rounded granola and what you would expect, and as the granola only contains natural ingredients that I can read, I know exactly what I am eating. I find this hugely important at the minute as I am being more conscious of eating whole, natural, clean foods for other health reasons, rest assured though, I am still having my sweet treats! Retailing at £3 online and seeing them for £2.85 in Sainsbury's, this is very comparable to competitors in the same market gram for gram, which is great!

Purely Oaty Fruity Muesli 
This is one product I have yet to see in person, although I know has been around for a while and just never got around to ordering it online, so it is great to now have a bag! Again this product is full of natural oats, seeds and dried fruits and again I can read every ingredient and all seems rather nutritious. Perfect start to the day. Retailing at £2.99, this is fantastic value as although you could make your own muesli easily, this contains a good amount for the price, and you're not left with a 1kg bag full of sultanas as it was the only size in the shop, let's face it we've all been there! These are also dairy free too, bonus!

I will try both of these and let you know what I think, I am tempted to hold onto the granola (if my willpower lets me) and take it on holiday which is only 10 days away, eek! As I think this bag looks about the right size to last the whole holiday without any left overs!

If you have tried the new granola from Delicious Alchemy, let me know, I have no doubt about loving it if their other products can be used to base my opinion on!

Hannah x

*These products were sent to me to try, all opinions are my own

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