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Isabels Dough ball mix

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What pasta dish isn't complete without some garlic bread or dough balls? For years it has been hard to find good gluten free sides, but there have been quite a few new products hit the market  recently from Tesco, such as their dough balls and garlic bread (which I have reviewed here). But I have never tried the old classic of Isabels Doughball mix, so I thought it was about time I should!

The mix only needed some cheese (we used mature), an egg and some oil (I used butter as I had no oil to hand). Very simply all you need to do is combine these ingredients with the dry mix, form into balls and bake! No need to leave it to settle before baking or messy prep work, I had put off making them for a while because I thought it would be a messy task, but I couldn't have been more wrong!

The mix said it would make 12 balls but I managed to create 15. This maybe because mine were quite small, but I enjoy more bite-sized pieces, which is the beauty of making your own, you can choose the size. Once out of the oven, these golden brown dough balls are very crisp on the outside and are soft and bouncy in the middle, I think that the fat in the cheese helps create this winning combination.

These very cheesy dough balls are rich and perfect with some Lurpak garlic butter. We had ours with tuna pasta bake but they would be perfect with any pasta dish, pizza or even on their own as they are very addictive in taste and texture! I find packet mixes seem to have much more superior taste and texture to many shop bought pre made equivalents.

I would love to know if you have tried these dough balls and what you thought, or even if you have used the mix in part of a recipe I'd love to know! I am thinking about trying making something similar to the Dominos dough ball bites by stuffing them with pepperoni before baking!

If you are interested in trying this mix, you can purchase it here!

Hannah x

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