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Norfolk Eats - Gluten Free

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James and I went to Norfolk for the week, so as and when I remembered I took a snap of what I ate and thought I would show you the highlights and if I made the meal, how I did it!

Chicken Nachos
The first night we got there I intended to make chicken nachos, but we were so tired we had potato smilies so I postponed this meal till the second night. Simply created, this meal consisted of the Bfree fajita mix being thrown into some pan cooked chicken, I added water and a little butter to make a thicker sauce out of it to flavour the nachos. I then dished a plate of tortilla chips added the chicken and finely diced pepper, spring onion and tomato, then I grated a ton of cheese over and popped them in the oven for a few minutes until the cheese had melted! Simple!

Caramel Macchiato
I am a through and through Starbucks addict, nothing can make me part with my money quite as easily as a Starbucks can. This holiday we thought we would get creative. We had a Nespresso machine in our lodge so I decided to create my own coffees! My personal best were the caramel Macchiato style ones I made with a decaf pod, vanilla extract, milk and my milk whisk as well as a tad of M&S toffee sauce, they tasted just like the real thing. I experimented and tried hazelnut extract and it tasted just like the limited editions they do, so I was very pleased! James loved the mocha I made, this consisted of the Selfridges hot chocolate, a decaf pod, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles and fudge pieces as well as my trusty milk and whisk. They were perfect, we even bought along our starbucks mugs to make it like the real thing!

Salmon on Toast
We had many different breakfast, from avocado on toast to local bacon with eggs, but my personal favourite has to be the salmon on toast. I used Genius white bread with soft cheese and salmon, I also added salt, pepper and chives. Delish!

No.33 White Chocolate and Raspberry Cake
No trip to Norwich is complete without stopping into No.33 for one of their amazing gluten free cakes. I don't know how they do it but they are always amazing and so moist. This one was white chocolate and raspberry. The slices are always huge, I have yet to finish one. I had this with hot chocolate to make it a real treat. I just wish they were much closer so I could enjoy them more often!

Giraffe Steak
We went into Norwich a couple of times on the trip and we stopped into Giraffe. Giraffe are able to do gluten free chips in a different fryer, which is great. This being the case I had steak which was tender with such lovely crispy chips. Eating this outside seemed to make it taste to much nicer too! I had my favourite iced tea from them, which if you haven't tried, you really must!

Tuna Pasta Bake
I made a tuna pasta bake this holiday so we could try the Isabels dough balls. These are so fun to make and they turned out so well, so simple and effective! We had ours with garlic Lurpak and I honestly could have just had them for dinner!

Ice cream station
Did you ever go to pizza hut as a child and love their ice-cream factory? I know I did. So we created our own! With a selection of the Waitrose one ice creams and some sauces, flakes and 1.2.3 gluten free brownies, and of course some sprinkles for good measure!

Prosecco Breakfast
Ok I may have lied, this was the best breakfast of the holiday! James and I celebrated six months of engagement on this holiday and I was awoken on the Saturday to breakfast in bed. He bought me through as glass of prosecco, a glass of juice and a selection of the Genius pastries with some butter, lemon curd and some grapes. Of course I made him a coffee in return!

Chicken Ceaser Salad
The Saturday evening we decided to eat at the fine dining restaurant where we were staying. To start I had the most amazing chicken ceaser salad, the flavours were so intense and luxurious, hands down the best thing I have eaten out in a long time! For mains we both had a beautiful steak with fluffy chips, and some rose to wash it down!

I hope you have a great week!

Hannah x

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