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Genius Gluten Free - Pancakes

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Being in the mood for a breakfast treat, I picked up the Genius pancakes as I could use all of the existing ingredients in my kitchen that I have been using for my yoghurt based breakfasts over the last week. 

Lightly grilled, these fluffy pancakes are quite exceptional. I tend to find that most free from pancakes have a slightly greasy layer over them, but these do not. This makes them very pleasant, as oily and greasy textures always make me feel stodgy, and stodgy is never a good start to the morning! Slightly sweet, these plainer pancakes are fab to add your own choice of sides to, my family love lemon and raisin mainstream pancakes, but as the free from market has a more limited range, I love that these allow you to create any flavours that you desire! 

At around 85 calories each, these pancakes are typically less calories than a slice of toast. Also having six pancakes in this pack, you can make 3 good sized breakfasts when accompanied with honey or syrup and berries and fruits. I found that my personal favourite is to have golden syrup and raspberries. I have also had a mix of blueberries, raspberries and kiwi with syrup, which was delicious too! 

Retailing at £2 a pack, this is quite reasonably priced for the free from market. Unfortunately a more expensive food bill is something that you just have to accept when gluten free living! But I would say these are worth every penny. An added bonus is that these are also dairy free too, making them open to a much wider audience. There is egg in the recipe though, so just be mindful of that if you are catering for someone with allergies! 

I would love to know what combinations you would have on pancakes as I am looking for some new breakfasts! I think I am going to have Nutella and raspberries next! 

Hannah x 

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