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Holland and Barrett Haul - May 2016

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It seems that a Holland and Barrett has become a payday treat to myself! I am going on holiday in June and I am hoarding some snacks ready to take away that I am hoping James would enjoy too. I was very pleased I waited till payday to buy all this as they started the 20% off offer that day so I saved about £5 which is fab!

So here is what I bought!

The Foods of Athenry brownie cookie shots - £2.39
I LOVED these so much when I ordered these last time so I thought I would take some away with us as James enjoyed them too. They are great to snack on and because they reseal we can take these on a few picnics!

The Foods of Athenry blondie cookie shots - £2.39
Again I ordered these for their practicality and I thought that they would be nice to try and maybe even mix up the brownie and blondies together!

The Foods of Athenry Flapjacks - £2.63
These too come in a reseal bag so I thought why not! These are just plain so can go with anything and I am thinking that any of these three The Foods of Athenry products could be used to top a sundae!

Eskal Chocolate Wafers - £2.15
These are just basic chocolate wafers but as I really enjoy these sorts of snacks I thought I would try the Eskal brand.

Eskal Chocolate Coated Pretzels - £1.83
Movie night essentials! I thought we could mix it up a bit with some chocolate pretzels rather than some regular ones!

Eskal Wafer Rolls - £2.12
Last year when we were away I couldn't really find any gluten free ice creams and sundaes so I thought this year we could make our own so these wafter rolls will be popped in some ice-cream with some flakes!

Eskal Party Tubs - £2.31
Also for our DIY beach ice creams these are an alternative to regular cones, the gluten free cones were sold out but I thought the tubs are more versatile anyway, so I am sure there will be a post on all the different combinations of ice creams we can think of!

Mrs Crimbles Jam Coconut Ring - 69p
This was just an impluse buy as I have been really into Mrs Crimbles products lately so I thought this would be great for the car journey!

Hannah x

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