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Snackly February 2015

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This months box has been very festive! It felt very valentines themed, even down to the little heart shaped peg!

Everything reminds me of anything to do with love from chocolate to strawberries everything oozes romance!

This box is even more suited to me than the last as I like food that are rather a packet of something than a huge piece of cake, I think that is where my love for crisps came from, so easy to snack on!

So without further ado lets have a look whats in the box!

This Months box:

Eat Chic Pink Chocolate Peanut Butter Heart with Raspberry Jam - RRP £2.40
This chocolate seems very pricey for just one so I am expecting great things! I love peanut butter, raspberries and chocolate so I am excited to give this a go.

Darling Corn Barbecue Toasted Corn Kernels - RRP ?
These are by far what I am most keen to try as I love barbecue flavours and popcorn so I hope I love kernels too, I am interested to see what they look like and the texture as unpopped kernels are very crunchy and would be quite hard to eat so I am interested to see what they are like!

Clearly Scrumptious Sweet Dried Strawberries RRP - 99p
I am actually allergic to strawberries although I can eat strawberry jam so unless it's only fresh strawberries that cause me an issue I won't be able to eat these. However my sister loves strawberries so they will find a good home and I will get her verdict on them! They have won a Great Taste 2013 award so I am sure they will be delicious. I think they are whole from feeling through the pack!

 Clearly Scrumptious Juicy Dried Cranberries  RRP - 99p
Thankfully there is also cranberries from this brand in my box so I can try their products, these have yet to win an award but I have been loving the Ocean Spray Cranberries infused with fruit juice so it will be great to try a different brand to see how they compare! To make it even better these snack packs are only 96 calories and pre portioned, perfect for work!

Chika's Plantain Crisps RRP - £1.45
Banana chips are one of my favourite snacks but I've never thought about trying plantain even though it is in the same family. These chips are also quite a bit healthier as they are not coated in sugar, it only has sunflower oil and salt so is much more clean. The whole bag contains 178 calories and feels much more than what you can eat for the same calories of banana chip so theses look great!

Cobbs Bakery Gluten free Luxury Beligain Chocolate Brownie - RRP ?
I cannot find the price for this. I am not sure how I feel about this product as as I opened the box I thought 'oh another brownie' as I see brownies everywhere, which to be honest was not very fair as I have yet to taste it, so I am going to hold back my thoughts until I have given this a real try.

Organic Livity Banana Spirulina Cake - RRP ?
This is the most peculiar thing I have seen in terms of gluten free food, I assume it will taste like banana bread but I am not sure. I have never seen anything like this before so I really don't know what to expect. I look forward to trying this as it is completely new to me.

Overall I love the contents of this box and I am really looking forward to trying everything. Although this is only my second box I feel the products are getting better each time!

Did you get the same in your box? I'd love to know.

Hannah x 

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