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Grape Tree Haul

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Whilst on my long weekend away I came across a health food store called Grape Tree which really caught my eye. I know that I have a Grape Tree store near me but I have never looked in there, and now that I've been in one I have no idea why I left it so long!

The store is just full of bags of dried fruit, nuts, sweets and other items such as dried pulses.

I went for more of the 'treat' items which was mainly because I was in holiday mode but they have huge bags of all sorts for a great price.

I also picked up some of my essentials, such as my beloved banana chips because although they are sugar coated I find them much more filling than when I grab a bag of crisps, and I would like to think they are a bit more nutritious too!

So here's what I picked up!

On the three for two coated fruits I got:

  • Milk Chocolate Orange Peel 500g - £3.95
  • Yoghurt Cranberries 400g - £3.20
  • Dark Chocolate Cranberries 400g - £3.95
I also bought:

  • Desiccated Coconut 250g - £1.00
  • Banana Chips 200g - £0.60 (half price)
  • Crystallised Pineapple Dice  - £0.90 (half price)

I found that the staff were lovely and the amount of samples to try on the sample table was very impressive and certainly made me look at some food I haven't tried before. 

I may even try making some tropical granola bars with the banana, coconut and pineapple!

Hannah x 

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