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Marks and Spencers Made without - Chocolate Loaf cake

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As much as I love my couponing and getting a great deal I do really enjoy a lot of luxury food that M&S have to offer. When we go on a weekend away James and I always buy their crisps as a treat and as we were browsing I came across this chocolate loaf cake.

I'm not going to lie, it was all the chocolate flakes on the top that drew me in! This cake has a thick chocolate layer, leading to a goey section in the centre and a rich bouncy sponge. When I saw the thickness of the chocolate on top I decided to microwave it and add custard to make it into a wintery pudding.

The chocolate melted so well and made a luxurious treat. The sponge has a great light texture and a gorgeous full flavour. I find that even the piece I had without heating was just the same, so heating doesn't affect the integrity of this loaf just makes it a little less decadent as the chocolate was still solid.

This cake retails for £2.50 and claims to have 6 servings at around 166 calories each. However I did 5 portions as I felt it could have crumbled trying to cut it so thin. This still meant I only paid 50p a portion, which I felt is very reasonable.

I really enjoyed this cake as it was great warm or cold so made it much more versatile! I may even get one for Monday to have as a Birthday Cake!

Hannah x

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