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Pancake Day! Doves Farm Flour

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Pancake day! This is my second gluten free pancake day and as it went so well last year, I have gone back to Doves farm's Plain flour blend to make them! My whole family eat gluten free pancakes with me and nobody can even tell the difference!

I use a basic recipe of:
  • 110g flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 200ml milk
  • 75ml water
I then have either Nutella or raspberry jam! I had one of each this year! What made it even better, with cash back apps my Nutella was free!

I would really recommend Doves Farm flours. I have used them for many baking projects and I am always very successful and even my gluten eating friends and family enjoy them!

The flour varies in price depending on offers and which shop you visit, but I find it normally £1.70 for 1kg. Which I think is a great deal as it is very comparable to branded mainstream flour. 

I find I do not have to alter the recipe to give the pancakes the same consistency which is an added bonus as altering existing recipes is not one of my strong points!

I hope you all stuffed yourself silly with pancakes too!

Hannah x 

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