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Tesco Free From - Haddock and Cheddar Fishcakes

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This year I think Tesco have really improved the gluten free range. I have found many new products in the isles, I find this very exciting, particularly from a 'home brand'.

The haddock and cheese fishcakes come two in a box and retail for £3.00, which means they are £1.50 per meal and for the quality and taste you get I think this is a great deal as they surpassed my expectations. One cake is around 292 calories and are very filling so you wont have the issue of feeling hungry later!

When you cut open this fishcake, it represents more of a bake as the cheese oozes out of it and is beautifully mature but doesn't over power the haddock. I tend to accompany this bake with herby boiled new potatoes and green beans or any other green veg.

The outer breadcrumbs crisp to a lovely golden colour and have a crunch, this combined with the soft succulent haddock which has been binded in mashed potatoes and rich thick cheesy sauce gives this dish a well balanced flavour and mix of textures. I find that these have a high content of fish, as it doesn't taste of just potatoes like many fishcakes I have tried before. When looking at the ingredients haddock is the first ingredient and you can really tell it is! I also saw there is a bit of pollock in this cake, but I couldn't really identify that, so I am assuming the content is low.

I find that these are great to throw in the oven when you are in a rush as they are a fool proof dinner to cook. I also think these would be great in the summer with a large green leafy salad, which would make dinner preparation even quicker as they only take half an hour to bake.

Overall I think these bakes are fantastic as they remind me of a more mature fish cake or fish finger. I find that many free from foods can be quite childish so it is great to find something easily accessible but is more mature in style, as theres only so many chicken nuggets one person can eat!

 I know that M&S do some fantastic free from food and one is opening on the road I work on so I cannot wait as I normally only go to M&S for snacks, but now I can do a real food shop in there!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Hannah x 

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