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The Free From Bakehouse - Chocolate brownie

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Thursday James nipped into London and as he was walking around a market, he came across a stall run by the The Free From Bakehouse and decided to pick me up something to try!

From looking at their website I believe this was their Chocolate Brownie With Cacao Nibs but I am not 100%. If this is the case this brownie is not only wheat and gluten free but also nut and dairy free too!

The brownie itself was quite thin, which made a nice change to the huge thick slabs you find in places like Costa and Sainsbury's, as I find I have to really be in the mood for something that substantial. Although it is dairy free it is very moist and had a nice sticky middle, very much reminded me of the Udis brownies I made a few months back. The nibs gave a crunch to the brownie and sort of reminded me of brownies that have m&m style sweets in, I thought it made it very interesting and isn't something you find all that often.

It was rich but not overpowering, aspects were quite bitter, which I think possibly came from the nibs but had enough sweetness to even the taste to make it a more rounded flavour. It was much more sophisticated than many of the other brownies I have tried and I would class it as much more an adults treat than a child's. But looking at their website there is more than enough treats to choose from which children would enjoy too The banana and chocolate chip loaf comes to mind, which I must try!

By looking online this slice retails for £2.50 which may seem a lot of money for one piece but you have to consider they are a small business who can't buy in the bulk that brands such as Genius and Udis do.

They are also using quality ingredients and there does not seem to be any preservatives and I can read and understand all ingredients which is something I find important. Although I do not always eat 'clean' food and will eat products with preservatives and other ingredients but when I can find a great alternative with no nasty ingredients I will always opt for that!

Unfortunately I think the high amount of dark chocolate and coffee had too much caffeine for me as I was a little dizzy for a while after having it, as I also do not have much tolerance for caffeine. But regardless it was a fantastic brownie!

But if I where to come across them again I would certainly try many of their products! Maybe just keep away from too much dark chocolate and coffee!

Hannah x

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  1. Hi Hannah, many thanks for the great review :) Tho I'm sorry you found the coffee in it making you uncomfortable. It's one of our best selling brownies and is 'an adult brownie' mainly due to the fact that it's made with a 70% CERTIFIED dairy-free chocolate which also happens to have NO ADDED SUGAR (some xylitol). The cacao nibs do add a bitter note which also enhances the deep chocolate flavour. Thanks too for acknowledging & understanding that we (and other artisan free from businesses) really can't buy bulk volumes as the big names. A lot of distributors levy min. quantities and delivery charges which all add to the cost. If you're not dairy intolerant, you make like to try to Raspberry & White Choc brownie next time or in a few weeks we'll have a VEGAN brownie (promise no coffee :-)). KR Caroline - PS - website needs updating next

    1. Thanks for the comment Caroline! I didn't mind the caffeine too much as it's nice to have an occasional treat! I loved the brownie and can't wait to try more, I'll have to plan a trip to Borough Market!

      I'm not dairy intolerant so I will definitely love the raspberry and white chocolate brownie as raspberry flavoured things are my favourite and I think the vegan brownie would be something my Vegetarian/vegan sister would love too!