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BBC Good Food Eat Well Show! - Haul

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Yesterday James and I took a trip into London to the Olympia to visit the BBC Good Food Eat Well Show. James had brought us some tickets after I was interested in going. This show wasn't how I imagined as it was much more representative of the craft shows I go to as at the other free from and food shows I've been to the stall holders tend to have large displays and 'props' to represent their brand. Although this wasn't the case it was still a very enjoyable show!

And what's a food show without a bit of shopping! I was actually quite reserved this time as I know I still have a ton of things to get through from Christmas, Valentines and my Birthday and I don't want to waste anything!

The first stall I purchased from was Delicious Alchemy. They specialise in packet mixes and as you know I love cooking and baking but don't always have the time, so I think these are a great alternative  for when you are short on time but still want to get in the kitchen. Also the samples were so good I couldn't leave without them! As they were on offer for 3 for £6, I picked up one of each baking mix.

YU! Fruit was my next stop. As I have mentioned many times before I am a professional snacker! So I really enjoy things that come packaged like crisps but are better for me, otherwise I would just eat crisps all day long! Not all their products are gluten free as some have cereal in them but their regular fruit pieces and yoghurt coated fruit pieces are, so we can eat them to our hearts content! These too were on offer 3 for £6 so I picked up two yoghurt coated packs, one in apple and one in mango and then just the regular mango stars. These packs have five mini packs in, which I believe have around 90 calories, which makes them great for throwing in your handbag.

Following on the theme of 3 for £6 we then came across Seed and Bean, which I have never actually seen before and now I don't think I will be able to live life without them! There is no gluten containing ingredients in this chocolate but does have a warning on the pack. I tried many samples and was completely fine but as I have said before 'may contain' labels have never been an issue for me so far. After much deliberation James and I finally settled for extra dark chocolate mint, rich milk chocolate tangerine and rich milk chocolate cornish sea salt and lime. All the flavours were amazing and well worth a look!

Stur stall was next. They produce a product very much like the pocket squashes that I keep in my desk at work. However these ones contain no or very little calories and are sweetened with stevia. Although I like to drink my water plain as much as possible I like  adding these types of products to my sparkling water sometimes to turn it into a fizzy drink. I brought this product mainly based on its flavour rather than its low calorie content, although that is a great feature of this product. I personally found I preferred the flavours of this drink to some of the more sickly squashes. I went for the mango orange flavour as this I felt was the most unique.

Lastly we found the beond stall. I compare these to the nakd bars but with some more unique fruity flavours. I picked up the organic blueberry bar and a mini baobab pineapple bite. These bars are organic and low GI, free of the main allergens and suitable for vegans too!

Overall I really enjoyed the show and it is nice to do something a bit different for the day! Not only are these shows a great day out but I have also found some new products to try and share with you, I will try and film my progress with the packet mixes too!

If there is any of these products you're interested in me reviewing first, just let me know!

Hannah x

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