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Udis Gluten free - Cinnamon and Raisin Bagels

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After finding the best deal in Tesco the other day, I managed to bag these Udis bagels for free! Since starting working in an office I have enjoyed more substantial breakfasts because I used to make lunch at home but now I have it out I tend to have something lighter.

And with winter in full swing my smoothies were just too summery! So what's better than cinnamon to give you a cosy feeling on a winter morning? I know I have said in the past I am not a huge fan of cinnamon but this is not fully the case. When I say this I really mean I don't like overpowering cinnamon, I much prefer a just the warmth received from the spice rather than full on smack in the face!!

The bagel pictured is actually the second bagel as the first one only had three raisins in the whole thing! I saw the one below had much more so I thought I would show you one that better represented the pack, I think the first one just got a little left out on the raisin front, poor guy!

I have to say for a wintery breakfast these may even beat the chocolate chip ones, bold statement I know but I think it's because I enjoyed these a whole lot more than I first thought I would as the cinnamon is very subtle and just gives a lovely warmth to the bread which was not what I was expecting.

I smothered mine in butter as there is no other way to eat a bagel! Unless it's a plain bagel then cream cheese and salmon is the way forward!

I find the texture of these very much like a mainstream bagel, I find the inside is not as soft but it is still a very pleasant texture and I don't think they are at all dry, but then again I do butter them or add cream cheese.

These normally retail for around £2-£2.50 for a pack of four but can be found on offer for £1, which is how I got them free as I had a £1 coupon too! Even at full price at roughly 50p a bagel I don't think is outrageous as this is how much you pay for an individual mainstream one in Sainsbury's bakery. These are 260 calories each which I think is fantastic as it feels like a lot of bread and is very filling so it keeps you going but at the same time isn't extraordinarily calorific.

And if you want to have the true winter wonderland experience, why try it with a warm apple juice too!

Hannah x

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