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What I ate Wednesday

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I'm back for another what I eat in a day! Today was a pretty average day so sorry if it is a little boring!

Today I had a Genius Pain au Chocolat which is one of my favourite 'treat' breakfasts. The pack I recently brought were much fluffier in texture than past packs I've had so it was even better than usual! Find my review here

For lunch I had a basic salad with cucumber, iceberg lettuce, celery and some cheese, quick and simple to eat at work! It packs well and is still crisp when it comes to be eaten.

Tonight dinner was quite simple and consisted of a pre cooked chicken breast, mash,  some veg and a whole lot of salad cream as I have been loving it lately! I also had a glass of apple tango! (sorry for the bad iPhone snap!)

I drank 2L of water over the course of the day and there may have been a sneaky cream egg too!

Hannah x

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