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What I ate Today!

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Today I thought I would show you what I ate. Many times a week I recommend products on this blog, but today I'm proving I actually eat these things! I think I will make a weekly feature of this because it may give you some food ideas!

I had a very simple breakfast today, just some nestle gluten free cornflakes and a banana. I was going to make a smoothie but I couldn't decide what to have with the banana! I did have a splash of milk but I don't really like milk with corn flakes, but I didn't have yoghurt so it had to do!

I had half a carton of Tesco broccoli and stilton soup, I have had soup everyday this week and I am really enjoying it, after the amount of rich food that was eaten at Christmas something more normal for me isn't going a miss! I did have a packet of salted crisps mid afternoon, which is rare for me at the moment but I just fancied some!

I had to rush out for a meeting tonight so I opted for an Amy's Kitchen Cheddar and Broccoli Bake. More broccoli! Funny thing is I don't really like broccoli as a stand alone veg but I love it in soups and bakes, so clearly I like it more than I thought!

As an after dinner snack I had a couple of the Kelkin Milk Chocolate Rice Cakes. These were fantastic and I think are possibly the best milk chocolate rice cakes I've tried to date.

I would love to know if you have any staple meals as a quick fix!

Hannah x

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