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Ds Gluten Free Bonta D' Italia Salami Pizza

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Friday night in my eyes is treat night so this means pizza, this week I decided to try Ds's  Gluten Free Bonta D' Italia Salami Pizza. Now the name may be a bit of a mouthful so I am glad that it's not something I'd have to order over the phone!

This pizza retails for £3.25 which is fantastic value and to sweeten the deal the whole thing is only 732 calories, which is half the amount of a dominos pizza, fraction of the price too!

The base is super thin and crispy with a tomato sauce which is topped with cheese and salami. I found that there were patches of my pizza that were not covered in cheese and I would have liked a bit more salami but then again you can't be pleased at the calorie count and then expect more!

The salami had quite a peppery flavour and thick slices but was in no way spicy so I really enjoyed it without wanting to cry! It wasn't greasy either which is one thing that really bothers be about takeaway pizza, particularly when they have pepperoni and salami type toppings. The cheese wasn't too strong but combined with a slightly stronger tomato sauce complimented the flavour of the salami.

This pizza took quite a while to heat up to the point of getting a bit of colour on the base, much like many other gluten free foods you have to be careful once it has started to colour as it burns quickly!

Overall I really recommend this pizza. The only drawback is the lack of even distribution of toppings as I feel that if it was more evenly spread I wouldn't have thought it was slightly lacking in them! But nevertheless I would still repurchase this pizza as I really enjoyed the flavours and is considerably cheaper than ordering one in. Much less greasy too!

Hannah x

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