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Kelkin Belgian Milk Chocolate Fingers - Time Out Chocolate Bar Gluten Free Style

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Is it just me or can nothing beat a bit of flakey chocolate with wafer. Time Out bars were one of my childhood favourites. It was something always waiting for me at my grandparents house when I went to visit. If not anything else it was the nostalgia of eating that bar I missed more than the actual flavour. So when I went out on a Kelkin gluten free hunt a couple weeks ago in Lidl and came across these I couldn't be any happier!

 This twin bar is just over 100 calories and I am not going to lie it was much smaller than I first envisioned these being! But thats ok with me as I assume they are more aimed at children anyway!

This review will be quite short because I couldn't find anything negative, it tastes just like a time out bar that I remember. The chocolate has a good flavour, as my greatest loathe in life is cheap greasy chocolate. The bubbly chocolate and crispy wafer really compliment one another.

The only drawback to this product I can find is that I have only ever seen it in lidl. I am not the greatest fan of buying gluten free food online, other than using because I do like to see the product and read the ingredients before purchasing. That doesn't mean I won't buy online but by the time I have thought about it I have brought something in store!

Overall I really enjoyed these bars and would pick more up next time I see them. They remind me of being a child, and although the chocolate is not cadbury's it is still very tasty. I would recommend them to people of all ages because they are small enough for a child's treat but also great for anyone that enjoys chocolate bars!

Hannah x

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