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Lidl Haul - Gluten Free

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On friday I saw on Facebook that Kelkin was being stocked in Lidl, they advertised this as #glutenfreeweek, which makes me fear it won't be around for long! I hope I'm wrong!

Lidl is not a shop I visit all that often as it is in town and I pass 4 other supermarkets on the way. But when I am in the area I always like to have a look, I find many products are great value and that you can sometimes find some great alternatives to what is found in supermarkets.

My main aim was to find my beloved teacakes which retail for £3.70 in the Sainsbury's near my office so when I managed to find these for £1.99, there was a little song and dance in the isle much to my boyfriends dismay!

So here is what I got!

  • Kelkin Teacakes - £1.99
  • Kelkin Mint Chocolate Rice Cakes - £1.19
  • Kelkin Orange Chocolate Rice Cake - £1.19
  • Kelkin Milk Chocolate Fingers - £1.59
  • Kelkin Chocolate Chip cookies - £1.29
  • Kelkin Chocolate Hazelnet Rice cake bars - £1.39

I found that all these prices were much cheaper than the supermarkets on, most of them I had never even seen before and were also not available in other retailers according to mymoneysupermarket. I know I would have most definitely picked up the chocolate hazelnut rice cake bar had I seen them.

Next time you want a sweet treat why not try and have a look in Lidl?

Hannah x

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