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All of this for 50p?

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We all know gluten free food is expensive, this is why I stock up when there is some great offers and freeze what I can. I wanted to get this post up as soon as possible as I want to make sure you can still get hold of it!

Over the years I have found Tesco is fantastic for finding some great gluten free offers. and today they did not let me down! I managed to get around £7 of goods for 50p.

Here's what I got

  • Warburton's plain sandwich thins. These are regularly around £2.50 and I have a recipe I want to use these for so when I saw these on offer for £1 I jumped at the chance to pick them up. 

  • Udis plain bagels and Udis Cinnamon bagels.These are regularly £2.30 (I tend to pick these up in Sainsburys) but the offer price was £1 too! 
These are amazing deals by themselves but if any of you have any coupons lurking around from the free from shows you will be able to get an even better deal. My Udis £1 off bagels coupons were still valid, which meant I walked away with these costing me absolutely nothing! As for the sandwich thins I had a 50p coupon for any Warburton product so these only cost me 50p!

I hope you can take advantage of these deals!

Hannah x

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