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Helen's Chocolate Cupcake Mix

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Yesterday I got my apron out and finally got around to baking my Helen's cupcake mix I brought at the free from show way back in June/July! I was hoping to bake them a long time ago but as they were still well within their use by date I thought there's no time like the present!

This mix only needs 150g of butter and four eggs, the ingredients also recommend some water but I felt the mixture was just fine without. With this mix you can make 12 cupcakes and surprisingly for such as rich mix they are only 170 calories each!

The pack retails for £2.69 and when including the price of butter and eggs these cupcakes only cost 37p each (depending on the choice of your ingredients). This is much more reasonable considering other brands charge as much as £3 for two cupcakes.

As soon as they were cool enough to eat, James and I cut one open and gave it a try. They are a fantastic fluffy texture and quite a bitter taste. I feel that they are a much more grown up cupcake as they are quite dark in flavour. I am not sure if they are really aimed at, or would be enjoyed by children with the flavour they have.

I found this mix was incredibly easy to follow and gave very impressive results. The deciding factor that these cakes were a winner was when James tucked into a second one! For someone who eats gluten and dislikes anything that doesn't taste like the gluten filled, branded mainstream version, this really impressed me!

I will most certainly have one of these in the cupboard to use when people come around at short notice and I want a sweet treat that we all can eat and not know the difference!

I also have the Helen's pastry mix still in the cupboard so I think I may make a few cheese straws and see how they go!

Hannah x

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