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What I've Used Up! - March

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As I have been on a Money Challenge I have actually used more up because I'm not drifting from new product to new product. Its been good for my purse as well as my lack of storage space!

This month I have been into baths, so I have used up quite a few lush bits! I tend to break bubble bars etc into three or four pieces, this allows more baths and I still find that there is more than enough bubbles or oils in the bath to give a lovely bath.

Out of my Lush collection I have used up:

  • The Christmas Penguin bubble bar
  • The comforter bubble bar 
  • Bombardino
  • Snow Fairy Shower gel (this bottle I accidentally binned!)

I Then used up a mini of a Ted Baker body butter, which I must have got three years ago and never opened, this was a whipped butter and sunk into the skin very quickly to leave a non greasy soft feeling skin, the way a body butter should be!

This mini bi-facil by Lancome was used as an all over makeup remover because I wash my face after, i figured it would be ok, It does really cut through the makeup, leaving minimal makeup on the skin ready to wash my face. I am not one to use these type of products typically but if you are into this kind of thing this is the best one I have tried and used for it purpose it did remove waterproof eye make-up with ease. 

I also used up a non brand shower gel I just use to clean my brushes!

The last item I have used up is my favourite face wash, since finding this three years ago I have not used another, and not even wanted to! The gentle facial wash is not too harsh on the skin but it removes every last scrap of makeup and the second application leaves my face squeaky clean!

Hannah x

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