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Pound Land and other Beauty Finds!

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Yesterday I nipped into town and did a little shopping whilst my sister and her friend were watching a show. Recently I have been on a kick of watching peoples cheap makeup finds, so I wanted to find some for myself!

I first went into boots, where everything was on three for two, my Mum picked up some bits and I picked up two bottles of dry shampoo and combining with Mum's purchases meant one of the bottles were free!

I don't tend to be picky over the different smells they do, so i just pick up the first ones I see.

I then went to check out the MUA stand in Superdrug, here I picked up one of the caviar nail sets in the shade Pisces which is, turquoise, pink and silver, this was £3. I then got the 'pistachio ice cream' nail polish for £1 (bargain!), which as you would imagine is a light almost mint green colour this means I'll be using the recommended nail polish for the caviar  (not that it should make any difference!)

Then I saw the 2true stand, I normally avoid these types of stands and I have no real reason as to why,  perhaps I'm just a bit snobby at times and think these products will be crap! Either way this pink polish in shade 6 spoke to me, it is also limited edition which made me need it even more and at £1.99 if it doesn't work how I want it to I won't cry! I also picked up some shades for my sister

I then went into poundland after being seeing so many budget bloggers finding some really good products. I would have got more but the lady working in there insisted on trying to tidy the shelves as I was trying to look, but there was so much I didn't know where to start!

I only picked up a couple of items but I fully intend on going back to get some more bits. But what I did get hold of was some China Glaze nail crackle nail polishes. I ended up buying a couple for my sister and one for myself, I already have many OPI ones that my boyfriend got me a couple of years back so I was excited to find the China Glaze versions, I got Charlotte a white and a blue because she does not own any crackles, and I got myself Latticed Lilac.

Where is your favourite place to find beauty bargains?

Hannah x

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