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Money Challenge - Week one

By 23:03

Sorry it's Monday and not Sunday! I have been super busy. But I'm back with the update after my first week of budgeting!

This week was not too bad considering I knew that this week was the week I would need to stock up on bits that I don't purchase often however I did spend more than I thought I would, here is the break down:

  • I spent £15.25 in Starbucks on four drinks! (I'm now certain this will be over budget by the end of the month!
  • I spent £9.50 on Makeup - This included a brush set on offer for £6 that I just couldn't pass up, a bottle of nail plush remover and a Glamour magazine, does that count as beauty?
  • I spent £10.95 on lush goods , a couple of bath bombs and a lovely smelling soap. I didn't really need the soap but it was limited edition, oops, this is a big less than I would have normally got though!
  • I then got a £15 gift card for a friends birthday.
  • I also spent £6.95 at a lunch out with my friend.

Total spent this week: £57.64

Remaining budgeting money

  • Makeup/skincare - £15.50
  • Bath Products - £9.05
  • Clothes  - £50
  • Starbucks - £24.75
I feel I would be cheating if I didn't tell you if I received any items through the week, This week I was in the pound shop with my family so my Dad kindly paid for the few items I picked up with his bits because there was a huge line for the tills. In this trip I found two more china glaze crackles, Sinful colours polishes and Sally Hansen nail strips (wish I got more of these, AMAZING)

This week has been a success in using up my hoards of products though! I have used up three items this week and I am very pleased with this.

These products are a sample of Lancome Mascara, Lush Snow Fairy shower gel and a bottle of dry shampoo.

Lets hope next week is better!

Hannah x 

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