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An expensive weekend

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A couple of weeks ago James and I went away for a shopping weekend in Ashford for a late Birthday celebration. We were going to go to the zoo on the sunday but the weather took a turn for the worst :(

Anyway we didn't let it ruin the day so after three days of nice coffee shops, good food, brisk walks and wandering round various shopping centres and complexes I finally got round to snapping what I picked up for myself.

Yet again I couldn't pass up a Body shop, especially an outlet store! So I picked up a passionfruit lip balm, almond hand cream and some organic cotton rounds. (I want to see if they are worth the hype!)

I then got a scarf from Fat Face outlet for £5 down from £19.50 (lets face it I own too many scarfs to justify spending £19.50 on one!) I also got this stripy top for £9 down from £20, can't complain at that.

I also picked up these Dalmatian socks in ASDA whilst getting some snacks and water, I can't resist Dalmatians.

Cat lovers brace yourselves, no I didn't buy a new kitten, but I did get kitten shoes! These were £29.99 down from £65, these were the last pair in the shop and they were in my size so I decided it was fate! so much so I debated all day decided I didn't need them and then asked James the next day if we could go back and get them.

speak soon!

Hannah x

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