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Sally Hansen Nail Strips

By 22:58

I had seen these nail strips when they were first realised, they interested me at the time but for £8 which only included enough strips to do your nails once I thought it was a waste on money, particularly because they were released the same as those eye shadow transfers, the thought of those still make me shudder!

But when I saw the pattern Kitty Kitty in my local Poundland I couldn't resist but give them a go. I was fully expecting that they would be awful, I had pictured them to be like the kids nail polish I had in the late 90's which once you had painted on and it had dried you could peel it straight back off!

However I was surprised! This photo has been taken 4 days after applying and in those days I have been painting sets, packing parcels as well as many other tasks which have a lot of wear and tear on my nails, and all I can see is a little tip wear. I did apply a top coat onto the strip the morning after I had applied them just because I like a really glossy nail so I do not know if this has helped the longevity of the strip.

All I did was follow the instructions word for word in the box and there you go! Amazing nails!

Kitty Kitty is your typical leopard print but is very shimmery without being glittery, this was the only pattern that was available in my local shop but I'm sure they must have some other patterns elsewhere.

I would 100% recommend them and if you are near a Poundland I suggest you see if they have any in stock.

Is it just me or have all the pound shops upped their game?

Hannah x

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