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Tesco Free From Chocolate Digestive Biscuits

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Yet again I'm thinking about my belly! And yet again its biscuits!
We have started shopping online using Tesco, where before we used to go to Morrisons, buying online gives me a much wider range of gluten free products from cake to ready meals, and my latest love is these...

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These are Tesco Free From Chocolate Digestive Biscuits and I think the secret to their tastiness is that they do contain milk, I know this is no good for those who have a dairy intolerance but it is very clear when a product tries to be free from everything, the taste is most certainly compromised!

The taste and texture of these digestives is very authentic and cannot be distinguished from a regular digestive, apart from the fact they are slightly smaller than a typical Mcvities which is not big deal. These are so good I accidentally ate 4 today, oops!

Another positive is they are only £1.35 regular price and at the minute they have 25p off, but even without the discount these biscuits are very good value for a gluten free product. I didn't count how many were in the pack but I would say there is 16-20 of them which makes them amazing value.

Why not give them a go!

Hannah x

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