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My Money Challenge Intro

By 16:26

Shopping makes us feel good, yes? but most of you must get the same feeling I get when I see my bank statement at the end of the month! The I spent how much where! syndrome, as I like to call it.

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So this month (a.k.a my financial month, pay day to pay day) I am going on a challenge. I am not going cold turkey on beauty products etc. because firstly I know things that I don't stock pile like nail polish remover and makeup wipes will run out this month and also I know if I say no more makeup I will only want it even more!

This goes the same for any other areas in my life, if I can't have my weekly Starbucks I crave it more!

For the first month of this challenge I am setting loose goals because I really do not know how well I will do at this, and I don't want to kick myself for not being perfect, after all this is a working progress and won't be perfect in the first month!

Both My Sisters Birthday and Mothers day fall into this month so I do not want to set a budget for these, but I do want this to fall into my overall budget.

I am attempting not spend any more than:

  • £25 on makeup and skin care, this is a scary thought to me because my favourite foundation is £27 and my favourite day and night cream are £39 each! Although I do know they will not be running out soon and I consider them splurge items!
  • £50 on clothes, (this one depends on where/if  I go shopping as to how hard to keep).
  • £20 on bath products (this won't be every month , I'm just running low on bath bombs).
  • £40 on Starbucks (I always buy my sister and mum one too otherwise this budget would be half that). 

I know some of these budgets may seem large to some but cutting down slowly will make it easier to stick to!

As well as this budgeting I am aiming to use up my hoards of products, who needs 30 bottles of shower gel with matching body butters anyway! I need to get into the habit of realising it is only a good deal if you are going to get through it all!

I will keep you updated on my progress every Sunday I don't actually get paid till the 20th but because this month I have spent a lot on going away and gifts (for others as well as myself) so I am going to count the next week and a half into the budget.

Ideally I do not want to spend any more than £250 this month overall including essentials, but we will see how it goes...

Hannah x

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