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Money Challenge - Week Two

By 22:21

We are half way through my Four week money challenge!

I have realised that some budgets I set are not realistic, I've come to realise I have a small addiction to my Starbucks and it is not something I am willing to give up!

This week I have found I would have over spent my coffee budget if I wasn't treated to a couple, however I have not got any clothes yet so surely that makes it better right?

So this week:

  • I spent £7.85 in Starbucks
  • I spent £1.20 on Makeup - This included a Body Shop brush and Body shop mascara (using a gif card)
  • I also brought mothers day presents but I am yet to know if these gifts will be shared or not so I won't account that just yet.

Total spent this week: £9.05

Remaining budgeting money

  • Makeup/skincare - £14.30
  • Bath Products - £9.05
  • Clothes  - £50
  • Starbucks - £16.90
Used up:

This week I used up a travel size of the Lancome eye makeup remover, I actually used it all over my face to remove the bulk of my makeup before using a face wash. I would not go out and buy this product because I am essentially using it as a glorified makeup wipe, nevertheless I do have two more which I will use in the same way. They tend to come in a set with a mascara and eyeliner for the price of the mascara and I enjoy the mascara and  eyeliner so its a good freebie, just not worth the money to buy alone for me. 

I also used up an airwick candle which was in a vanilla sent and couple of lush bubble bars, including the comforter but for obvious reasons the empties of theses cannot be photographed! 

I also have a mini of a Ted Baker body butter with one more use in it, so that just missed being featured this week! 

Hannah x 

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