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March Loves

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It's the end of the month, and what better way to celebrate then to tell you what I am loving this month!

This month I have been wearing Sally Hansen Nail strips, these little guys stay on for weeks! literally! I had these on my nails for two, almost three weeks, which completely amazed me!

I have never had quite so many compliments on my nails by strangers. and I love how professional the outcome was!

I have also been loving a new foundation, I know pretty unbelievable considering my love of Lancome, but after rave reviews of the Rimmel Wake Me Up I wanted to give it a go, I found it on offer in Sainsburys for £5 which made it too good to pass up!

At first I wasn't too sure because of the glitter but then I used a buffing brush instead of my stippling brush and I was in love,  it gives a flawless look to the skin, has great staying power and at £23 cheaper than my Lancome there isn't a ton of difference, I do prefer the Lancome but I have been wearing Wake me up day to day and not even my boyfriend (who is very observant) noticed the difference!

To go along with this, another favourite is the brush I brought as part of a set for £6 I have been really enjoying the buffing brush, it is nothing special, Ive just never had one and I  like the results it gives.

My Last beauty favourite is my Rimmel lipstick in Heartbreaker, As I've been shopping my stash and trying to use up some stuff, I came across this, I had because so obsessed with my MAC and Lancome lipsticks I forgot I even had it, But it is a beautiful colour and all I've worn all month!

I have been Loving fruity candles and this month I have been in love with Yankee Candles Black Cherry, it has a lovely fruit cherry smell but a sharp twist to not make it too sweet!

Lastly one of my favourites this month has been the Mrs Crimbles gluten free Chocolate chip muffins, I kid not not, these taste like the real thing! soft spongey muffin with small crispy choc chips, packed full of them in-fact! AMAZING!

What have you been loving?

Hannah x

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