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My Night Time Skin Care

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One of the greatest challenges in life is find a skin care routine that works for you, am I right?

I have used most of the products I am going to share with you for about two years now and I still love them as much as when I first got them. Most of the products are from The Body Shop but about a year ago I also added some items from Lancome to the Mix!

The first thing I always use is a face wipe or some other type of liquid makeup remover you apply with a cotton pad, this is the step that changes up the most, currently I am using The Body Shop Vitamin E cleansing wipes, which can be found here, but I tend to use anything on offer I got these when the Love Your Body club was offering 40% discount instead of the usual 10%, they are a nice face but in my experience a face wipe is a face wipe!

I have also been known to use other cleansers that I have received deluxe samples for, typically Lancome's Eau Micellaire Douceur or even the bi-facil all over my face, I have had no issues with using the eye makeup remover all over my face but the next step is to wash my face and I wouldn't recommend using bi-facil in this way if you are not washing it off.

Next step is to wash my face with The Body Shop vitamin E gentle facial wash I have lost count how many bottles of this product I have used, it is very gentle on the skin and I work it into my face using the exfoliating face sponge from The Body Shop, this product can be used on/round the eyes without stinging. I also have the bar version of this cleanser but I would recommend keeping this well away from your eyes because it stings so bad! I use it when I haven't had makeup on so I'm not too worried about cleansing round my eyes because there is no makeup residue. 

I then use the toner in the same vitamin E range which is alcohol free and just note, a little goes a long way!

After all that I use a moisturiser I switch between the vitamin E one and Lancome's night cream, I find the night cream from the body shop too heavy for my skin so the body shop one is just the regular!

Finishing off with a lip balm, at the moment I have been loving the nivea lip butter, which I've done a review on, but I have a whole draw with different brands so I just work my way through those!

Hannah x

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