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Better than Carmex...

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Back in 2009 the beauty community all used to rave about Carmex, including me on my old blog,  and it has been a cult product ever since. Don't get me wrong I love Carmex, particularly the new tinted range which allows me wear lip colours even when my lips are ridiculously chapped!

But I have found a new love, Nivea realised some lip butters this time last year and the second I saw them I picked the raspberry one up purely on the fact I love raspberry scented products.

But this lip balm which was left to sit at the back of my lip balm draw (yes that really does exist, shameful I know) until a couple of weeks back I rediscovered it, I used this lip balm after I get out the bath, you do not have to use too much and I let it sink into my lips, once it has sunk in, which doesn't take very long my lips are the softest a lip balm has ever made them!

Pro's of this Product

  • It absorbs into the lips quickly ( I do still drink etc whilst it is on and it doesn't affect it)
  • It does not feel greasy 
  • There is no tingling sensation which you receive from other lip balms/ treatments
  • It smells amazing

Con's of this product
  • It is in a tin, which means I will only use it after a bath when I know my hands are clean, so isn't very handbag friendly 

Overall I love this lip balm, so much so I have purchased a tin of the original scent to try. I know the tin my bother some of you but this isn't an issue for me because If my lips are dry during the day I like to use tinted balm so it adds some colour to my face, which tent to be in stick form and I only use tin style balms at night after I've washed my hands. 

Why not give one a go and let me know what you think?

Hannah x

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