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Caring Companies

By 22:34

I feel large companies have many benefits, such as offering discount cards/loyalty cards, coupons and offers as well as reductions however I feel they are not always a good thing, increasing size can make them less personal, recently I have a couple of large companies which have given me outstanding customer service which  has made me rethink this a little because this is a complete contrast to other companies who have never even answered my emails when I have had an issue with a purchase. I have put this down to being so large they do not have the time to go through all the emails they recieve.


The experience I've had this week made me see a whole new side in larger companies customer service.

I wrote an email to Carmex to make them aware of a small air pocket I had in my tube of moisture plus which ran the whole way down, I sent the email because where this is a new product I thought it was the packaging causing a defect. They emailed me back almost instant saying that this shouldn't have happened and they want to replace it for me, after sending my address a few days later they had sent me not only a red replacement but one of each shade. 

I was shocked that they had sent me products worth £15 retail price, I am aware they pay pence for these products to be manufactured but they could sold them full price but instead they didn't just send me one but all three shades.

I have been a customer of carmex for years and really enjoy the cherry flavour and this has shown me that not only their products are excellent quality but so is their customer service.

Have you ever had amazing service from a large company when you've had an issue and not expected the response they gave? I'd love to know


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