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Georgias Choice Gluten Free Chicken and Mushroom Bakes

By 14:25

Is it just me or has the market for gluten free products expended in the last year! This has to be a good thing and today I am back with a review of this interesting discovery. 

These are Chicken and Mushroom Crispy bakes from Georgia's Choice. On the pack they look as if they have a section of chicken and a section of a mushroom sauce. However they are more like a fish cake in texture, of course this isn't a bad thing but it was a surprise!

The texture of these are very much like a fish cake, so if you do not like that texture I would advice you to stay away, although I found them very enjoyable, subtlety flavoured but they are surprisingly thick, I thought they would a similar thickness to a chicken burger but they were at least twice as thick! They also crisp nicely and the contrast of the crispy outer to the soft inside is very enjoyable.

  • The portion is a good size
  • This product taste and texture is good
  • Obviously it is gluten free!
  • £2.50 in tesco which means they are affordable at £1.25 per bake!

  • They are subtle flavour, do not expect a strong mushroom taste!
  • The texture was not what I expected
  • Hard to find in very store

Overall I would repurchase these and think they are a great alternative to other gluten free breaded food which can tend to be aimed at children, and lets face it adults like battered and breaded food too!

Hannah x

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