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Mrs Crimbles Choc Chip Muffins

By 10:29

Cake, everybody loves cake! Who can honestly say they don't like Shrek, or cake!

Today I am reviewing a firm favourite of mine, the Mrs Crimbles Choc Chip muffins, these muffins can be found at most supermarkets at the 70p mark, yes thats right 70p! Often these can be found three for two as well!

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These muffins are relatively long life, there is about a month on each pack I've brought but they do not taste like a typical long life baked good. The sponge has quite a bouncy texture and is in no way dry or crumbly. The chocolate chips are little chunks of a hard almost crunchy chocolate, this juxtaposition of textures gives the cake a uniqueness which I enjoy.


  • They are only 70p for 2, this price is unheard of in gluten free food!
  • They have plenty of chocolate and the chocolate tastes of good quality
  •  They are not dry and don't leave a powdery taste in your mouth like many others
  • They have a good date so if you're the only gluten free person in your house (like myself) you have a reasonable time to eat them!


  • They do contain milk and egg so be aware if you have other intolerances (but I believe they are not dry because of these ingredients). 
  • They have ingredients that I have never heard but that is more than likely down to my own ignorance.
If you are struggling to get a good cake, I would most certainly recommend these to try! Let me know what you think!

Hannah x

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